June 1, 2016 Susie Rutz

Winter Newsletter


Hello Travellers,

Wow its Winter already, although it seems like our Summer lasted a little longer this year with some of those balmy April & May days.

As we always say, our Winter means it’s Summer pretty much around the rest of the world. Many of you are all booked and probably nearly packed ready to escape the winter chills.  For those of you who feel the cold, it’s not too late to book a warm getaway this winter. If you can, avoid school holidays and think about going away in late July through August as pricing is usually a little friendlier and availability is better during these months.

Some of you may have already spoken to our newest staff member Rochelle, but if you haven’t Rochelle started with us in February just in time before I went on maternity leave. Rochelle is a wizz on airfares and loves building rapport with her clients. Be sure to say hi next time you are in. She is currently cruising her way around the South Pacific;  you can read her pre holiday interviewhere

There is an interesting read on the use of a Travel Agent vs booking online. We know everyone reading this email are already very smart, intelligent travellers that use brilliant agents, but just in case you need a reminder here are the facts from a recent study in the U.S:

A very recent research report by ASTA in the US, but very relevant to Aussie travel agents, proved that consumers are saved time and money when using a travel agent. They were saved on average, $452usd per trip and approximately 4 hours of their time. Another important finding was that the surveyed consumers said that their travel agents helped them avoid costly mistakes.

In a 12 month period, 47% of the polled consumers booked travel through supplier websites, followed by 25% with online travel agency websites, and 23% directly with individual travel agents. That 23% was the highest share of the findings in three years demonstrating that consumers are moving back to the travel agent.
*source, Going Expert

You may or may not be a Game Of Thrones fan but either way the settings for this show are just breathtaking! I found this article listing a few of the hotspots… seeing as “Winter is coming”, maybe you should check these places out for real… Click here to see the destinations

I also stumbled across these world traveller watches the other day which could be a good bon voyage gift for your loved ones!

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Until next time we wish you safe and happy travels

Susie & The Team 

Travelling Tips

Check the pre paid rates of airport parking on the Melbourne Airport website. I have used this facility many times now and find it can sometimes be cheaper and easier than a taxi/car or off airport parking. Tip: The Business Car Park is the easiest to get in and out of and is ideal for Qantas passengers.

If you are doing more than two substantial overseas trips in a year then you may want to consider an annual Travel Insurance Policy as this often works out more cost effective than multiple policies. 

“Smartraveller” now have a great app you can download on your smart phone

Quote of the Quarter

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money” – Susan Heller

Fun Facts

China uses 45 billion chopsticks per year

From bottom to top, Mount Everest is not the world’s tallest mountain. Mauna Kea in Hawaii is about 1 km (3280 feet) taller

London’s “Big Ben” is not the tower. It’s the bell inside it

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