May 18, 2015 Susie Rutz

Robyn V Prague

Update from Robyn leaving Prague.

Its 5.30am and getting ready for our flt to Palermo. Perfect time for a Prague update!

1. Be really careful of money exchangers. NEVER exchange on the street, they are often fakes. In the official money exchange businesses too check and double check how much you will get to your hand before signing as their fees are high and their rates are low, but negotiable. We started at 15 kronas / eur and ended up getting 26 kronas / eur.

2. Be very careful of pick pockets, they are everywhere!

3. Street food is quite safe to eat but read the signs carefully as they look cheap but go by weight and their portion sizes are quite large!

4. Take a bus tour to the castle – otherwise be prepared for stairmaster hell.

5. Get up early at least one morning to see the square before everyone else gets there. Its a completely different feel – beautiful. Same with Charles bridge.

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